Poster Program

DPS 2013 KOREA » Poster Program

August 30 Poster program

Presentation guideline

Poster session is divided into two halves in order to prevent congestion.

Core-time (1) 11:20-12:05 ♠ Odd number
Core-time (2) 12:05-12:50 Even number


P-11 ♠

Hikaru Kokura (FUJITSU Semiconductor Ltd.)
Prediction of Resist Residue in Remote Plasma by Linear Discriminant Analysis


Takayuki Ohta (Meijo Univ)
Non-contact Temperature Monitoring of Substrates Using Optical Interferometry on Plasma Processing

P-13 ♠

Yuji Kasashima (AIST)
Anomaly Detection in Plasma Processing Using Electrostatic Chuck Wafer Stage with Built-in Acoustic Emission Sensors


Taisei Motomura (AIST)
Practical Characteristic Impedance Monitoring for Anomaly Detection during Plasma Etching Process

Plasma Generation

P-21 ♠

Yeonwon Kim (Kyushu Univ)
Effects of Amplitude Modulation of RF Discharge Voltage on Silane Plasmas in Initial Phase


Ikuo Sawada (Tokyo Electron US Holding, Inc.)
Mechanism Elucidation of Center-peaked Plasma Density Profile in VHF-CCP Reactors

P-23 ♠

Taiki Kato (Tokyo Electron Ltd.)
A Numerical Study on Prediction of Film Profile  in Silicon Nitride PECVD


Tomonori Noda (Nagoya Univ)
Development of Magnet-Free Uniform Sputtering System for Dielectric Film Deposition

P-25 ♠

Daeho You (KAIST)
Power Coupling Enhancement of Ferrite Transformer Coupled Toroidal Discharge Due to the Plasma Loop Connectedness


In-Shik Bae (KAIST)
Plasma Parameter Controls in Thermal Electron Beam Discharge

P-27 ♠

Haruhiko Ito (Nagaoka Univ. of Tech)
Mechanism of the Production of the CH(A) State from the Dissociative Excitation of Tetramethylsilane in the Electron-Cyclotron Resonance Plasma of Ar


Yoshihiro Nakamura (Kyoto Univ)
High-density Microwave Plasma Source Using Negative-permeability Metamaterial

Novel Film Deposition

P-31 ♠

Shogo Kondo (Nagoya Univ)
Plasma Characteristics of Multipurpose Microwave Antenna and its Application to Silicon Thin Film Deposition


Yoshiaki Suda (Sasebo National College of Tech)
Study on the Processes of Thin Films Using Powder Target by Pulsed Laser Deposition Method

P-33 ♠

Sosuke Horita (Kanazawa Univ)
Fabrication of Polycrystalline Diamond Films Using Modulated Induction Thermal Plasmas into Reverse-Sawtooth-Waveform


Yohei Kashima (Meijo Univ)
Fabrication of Graphene Films Using Microwave Plama-enhanced CVD in Surface Wave Mode

P-35 ♠

Ryosuke Tsukada (Meijo Univ)
Nucleation Control of Nanographene Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition


Shahzada Qamar Hussain (Sungkyunkwan Univ)
Transparent Conductive Oxide Films with High Roughness and Haze Ratio by Light Trapping Scheme of Glass Texturing

P-37 ♠

Hai Zhang (Nagoya Univ)
Formation of High Density Fe-Nanodots on Ultrathin SiO2 Induced by Remote H2 Plasma


Susumu Toko (Kyushu Univ)
Contribution of Ionic Deposition Precursors to Si Thin Film Deposition

Surface Modification

P-41 ♠

Shogo Kaneta (Shizuoka Univ)
Surface Treatment of Dye-sensitized Solid-state Solar Cells Using Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet


Mihai Alexandru Ciolan (Shizuoka Univ)
Surface Functionalization of ZnO Nanoparticles with Ar/NH3 Surface-wave Plasma for Bioimaging Applications

P-43 ♠

Satomi Tajima (Nagoya Univ)
Fabricating the Smooth Chemically Dry Etched Si Surface for MEMS Devices


Kensuke Sasai (Nagoya Univ)
Surface Treatment of Three-Dimensional Product by Flexible Twin Microwave Plasma Source

P-45 ♠

Keisuke Maruyama (Hiroshima Univ)
Atmospheric Pressure Thermal Plasma Jet annealing for 4H-SiC and Aluminium Activation


Keiji Nakamura (Chubu Univ)
Improvement of Hydrophilicity of Multi-wall Carbon Nanotube with Pulse Plasma Treatment

P-47 ♠

Yui Okuyama (Chiba Inst. of Tech)
Influence of H2O and CO2 as Impurities on Negative Ion Mobilities and their Ion Formations in O2


Yuki Yoshimitsu (Kyoto Univ)
Plasma Nitriding of Non-Ferrous Metals with Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet

P-49 ♠

Yoshihiko Ueda (Oita Univ)
Surface Electronic Properties Controlled by Laminar Atmospheric-pressure Plasma on Fabric-type Electrode

Liquid Plasmas

P-51 ♠

Daisuke Ogawa (Chubu Univ)
The Evolutions of Low-Pressure Plasma by Direct Liquid Injections


Tatsuru Shirafuji (Osaka City Univ)
Numerical Simulation of Electric Double Layer in Contact with Dielectric Barrier Discharge - Effects of Ion Transport Parameters in Liquid -

P-53 ♠

Tomohiro Takahashi (Nagoya Univ)
Superposition of Ultrasonic Power on Microwave Plasma and its Effect on Solution Treatment Efficiency


Tatsuo Ishijima (Kanazawa Univ)
Novel Photoresist Removal Method Using Slot-antenna Excited Microwave Plasma in Ultrapure Water

P-55 ♠

Keisuke Yoshida (Meijo Univ)
Preparation of Pt/nanographene paste using alcohol in-liquid plasma for fuel cell application


Jerome Jolibois (Nagoya Univ)
Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide on Carbon Materials Produced by Gas-liquid Plasma

P-57 ♠

Kuangda Sun (Nagoya Univ)
Low-temperature Insulating Film Formation with Plasma Enhanced Mist Chemical Vapor Deposition

Etching Technology

P-61 ♠

Yusuke Kondo (Nagoya Univ)
Control of Gas Phase Reaction in Etching Plasmas Employing Hydro-fluorocarbon Gases


Tomiko Wanifuchi (Tokyo Electron Miyagi Ltd.)
Film Property Impact on Silicon Nitride Etching

P-63 ♠

Sung-Woon Cho, Chang-Koo Kim (Ajou Univ)
Angular Dependence of Etch rates and Etch Selectivity of Si3N4 in C4F6/Ar/O2/CH2F2 Plasmas


Toshio Hayashi (Nagoya Univ)
Quantum Chemical Investigations for Dissociation Paths of Fluoro-methane Compounds

P-65 ♠

Daiki Iino (Toshiba Corp.)
Influence of Gas Addition and Substrate Bias Voltage on Br Radical Behavior in HBr Inductively Coupled Plasma


Hayato Ogawa (Nagoya Univ)
Cross Section Measurement of the Neutral Dissociation of CH2F2 by Electron Impact

P-67 ♠

Qiang Chen (Univ. of Tokyo)
Silicon Etching in an Inductively Coupled Plasma Microjet Expanded in a Low-pressure Chamber


Chieh-Te Chen (United Microelectronics Corp.)
The Solution for Punching Through in Stitch Area by Gas Composition at 20 nm and 14 nm Double Patterning Etch

P-69 ♠

Jongyun Park (Nagoya Univ)
Plasma Etching of Ga-based Compound Semiconductor


Il Hoon Lee (Inha Univ)
Effect of H2O Gas on Etch Characteristics of Magnetic Tunnel Junction Stacks Using a H2O/CH3OH Plasma

P-71 ♠

Su Min Hwang (Inha Univ)
Comparison of Etch Characteristics of CoFeB Magnetic Thin Films Using CH3OH, CH4 and H2O Plasmas


Kazuhiro Karahashi (Osaka Univ)
Selective Etching of Ni over Ta or TaOx by N+ and CO+ Ion Irradiation

P-73 ♠

Ka Youn Kim (Sungkyunkwan Univ)
Dry Etching of Silicon Nitride in C3F6/O2 and C3F6O/O2 Gas Mixtures and their Global Warming


Nobuya Nakazaki (Kyoto Univ)
Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Si Etching in HBr-based Plasmas: Effects of Neutral Radicals

P-75 ♠

Keita Miyake (Osaka Univ)
Characterization of Polymer Layer Formation during SiO2/SiN Etching by Fluoro/Hydrofluorocarbon Plasmas