Plenary/Invited Speakers

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Nishizawa Award Lecture

  • Prof. Kiyoshi Asakawa (University of Tsukuba)
    "Outstanding contribution to the progress of the plasma etching processes for compound materials."

Invited speakers and titles

  • Dr. Sebastian Engelmann (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Ctr.)
    "Improving high aspect ratio processes for logic applications through gas chemistry and plasma discharge optimization"
  • Dr. Chris Lee (Lam Research Corporation)
    "Variability Control Using Atomic Layer Processing"
  • Mr. Hirokazu Ueda (Tokyo Electron Ltd. )
    "Conformal doping using a radial line slot antenna microwave plasma source"
  • Dr. Peter Ventzek (Tokyo Electron America, Inc.)
    ”Control of Atomic Layer Reactions for Plasma Processing”
  • Dr. Ying Zhang (Applied Materials Inc.)
    "A New Frontier of Plasma Patterning: Atomic Layer Etch"