Plenary/Invited Speakers

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Nishizawa Award Lecture

  • Prof. Hideo Sugai (Nagoya University)
    "Development of Basic Plasma Technology for Dry Process"

Invited speakers and titles

A1. How can we control atomic layer reactions ?(ALE/ALD)

  • Prof. Jane P. Chang (UCLA)
    "Enabling the Synthesis and Integration of Multiferroic Materials by Atomic Layer Processing"
  • Prof. Steven M. George (University of Colorado)
    "Thermal Atomic Layer Etching Using Sequential, Self-Limiting Fluorination and Ligand-Exchange Reactions"
  • Prof. Erwin Kessels (The Eindhoven University of Technology)
    "Plasma-based atomic layer processing for nanoelectronics"

A2. Modeling and simulation for precise reaction control

  • Prof. Hae June Lee (Pusan National University)
    "Fluid and Particle-in-Cell Simulations of the Capacitively Coupled Plasma Deposition Reactor"
  • Dr. Stefan Tinck (University of Antwerp)
    ”Numerical and experimental investigation of cryogenic etching of silicon and porous low-k dielectric"
  • Dr. Jung Hwan Anselmo Um (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)
    "Analysis of ion energy and angular distribution at 300mm wafer edge using simulation and measured information"