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The DPS gives every year the Best Paper Award and the Young Researcher Award to recognize excellence among the contributing papers. Based on scientific relevance the Young Researcher Award will be presented to the first author of a paper (oral or poster presentation) if his/her age is less than 34 on January 1, 2012. (tentative)

The 'DPS Nishizawa Award' was established in DPS2008. This award recognizes the outstanding achievements and significant contributions on the dry processing technology and science field.

Past Award Winners

Recipient of Nishizawa Award

DPS2011 Nishizawa Award:

  • S. Tachi
  • N. Hosokawa

DPS2010 Nishizawa Award:

  • J. W. Coburn
  • H. F. Winters

DPS2009 Nishizawa Award:

  • Haruhiko Abe
  • Keizo Suzuki

DPS2008 Nishizawa Award:

  • Masataka Hirose
  • Yasuhiro Horiike

Best Paper Award Winners

DPS2009 Best Paper Award:

  • Koji Eriguchi (Kyoto University)

DPS2008 Best Paper Award:

  • M. Fukasawa (Sony Corp.)

DPS2007 Best Paper Award:

  • G. Delgadino (Lam Research Corp.)

DPS2006 Best Paper Award:

  • M. Kurihara (Hitachi, Ltd.)

DPS2005 Best Paper Award:

  • not applicable

DPS2004 Best Paper Award:

  • not applicable

DPS2003 Best Paper Award:

  • not applicable

DPS2002 Best Paper Award:

  • Yoshinori Momonoi (Hitachi Ltd.)
  • Takanori Ichiki (University of Tokyo)

DPS2001 Best Paper Award:

  • Junko Abe (Toshiba Corp.)

DPS2000 Best Paper Award:

  • N. Negishi (Hitachi, Ltd.)

Young Researcher Award Winners

DPS2010 Young Researcher:

  • Tomoko Ito (Osaka University)
  • Asahiko Matsuda (Kyoto University)
  • Hideharu Shimizu (Taiyo-Nippon Sanso Co.)

PS2009 Young Researcher:

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto (Nagoya University)
  • A. Kawanami (Hiroshima University)

DPS2008 Young Researcher:

  • M. J. Titus (University of Calfornia, Berkeley)
  • H. Furukawa (Hiroshima University)

DPS2007 Young Researcher:

  • T. Ohchi (Sony Corp.)
  • T. Yorimoto (Hiroshima University)

DPS2006 Young Researcher:

  • E. Kesters (IMEC)

DPS2005 Young Researcher:

  • Yasuhiro Morikawa (ULVAC. Inc.)
  • W. S. Hwang (National University of Singapore)

DPS2004 Young Researcher:

  • Kazuo Takahashi (Kyoto University)

DPS2003 Young Researcher:

  • Nobuyuki Negishi (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  • Koji Yamakawa (Nagoya University)

DPS2002 Young Researcher:

  • Kazutake Taniguchi (University of Tokyo)

DPS2001 Young Researcher:

  • Takeshi Kuriyagawa (University of Tokyo)
  • Kazuo Takahashi (Kyoto University)

DPS2000 Young Researcher:

  • Hyun-Ho Doh (University of Tokyo)
  • Hisao Nagai (Nagoya University)