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August 29

7:30 Registration
8:30 Plenary 1 (AEPSE)

Chairperson: H. Toyoda (Nagoya Univ)

G. Y. Yeom (SKKU)
Atomic Layer Etching : Possible Application to Next Generation Nanoelectronics Device Fabrication

9:20 Break

9:50 Opening

N. Negishi (Program Committee Chair)
Opening remarks

10:10 Young researcher award ceremony

Presenter: N. Fujiwara (Organizing Committee Chair)

10:15 Nishizawa award lecture

Chairperson: H. Toyoda (Nagoya Univ)

Haruo Okano (IBIDEN Co., Ltd.)
Think the unthinkable! and keep up the good work with can-do spirit!!!

10:20 Session A Monitoring and Sensing

Chairperson: K. Kurihara (Toshiba Corp.), K. Ishikawa (Nagoya Univ)

10:20 Invited A-1

T. Moriya (Tokyo Electron)
Preventive Methods on Plasma Chamber Corrosions by Earthquake – Based from our Valuable Experience –

11:00 A-2

A. Matsuda (Kyoto Univ)
μ-Photoreflectance Spectroscopy for Microscale Monitoring of Plasma-induced Physical Damage

11:20 A-3

A. Pandey (Chubu Univ)
Opto-curling Probe Method for Space-resolved Measurement of Electron and Radical Densities in Plasma

11:40 A-4

A. P. Milenin (IMEC)
Effect of Chuck Temperature Adjustment on STI CDU and Sensor Wafer Readouts

12:00 Lunch

13:10 Session B Etching Technology

Chairperson: K. Eriguchi (Kyoto Univ), M. Fukasawa (Sony Corp.)

13:10 Invited B-1

D. Kim (Samsung)
Challenges and Opportunities of Dry Etching Technology for Future Semiconductor Developments

13:50 B-2

M. Matsui (Hitachi)
Surface Analysis for Polysilicon Gate Etching Process in Pulsed Microwave Plasma

14:10 B-3

Y. Miyawaki (Nagoya Univ)
Analysis of Fluorocarbon Gas Plasma Surface Interactions Using Real-time/In-situ Electron Spin Resonance

14:30 B-4

Y. Oshiki (Toshiba)
SiO2 Etch Process Using CHF3/HBr Gas Chemistry without Roughening ArF Photoresist Employing DFS CCP RIE

14:50 B-5

E. Suzuki (Tokyo Electron)
Highly Selective and Precisely- Controlled Etch-Rate Aluminum Etching by Ar/HBr/CH3F/O2 Gas Chemistry

15:10 Break

15:30 <AEPSE-DPS Joint Session> Plasma Based Processes for Graphene and Carbon Materials toward Device Application

Chairperson: M. Hiramatsu (Meijo Univ), N. E. Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ)

15:30 Invited

M. Meyyappan (NASA)
An Overview of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Advanced Device Applications

16:00 Invited

Won J. Yoo (SKKU)
Plasma Etching Characteristics of Hexagonal Boron Nitride for Two Dimensional Electron Devices

16:30 Invited

S. Sato (AIST)
Application of Graphene to Transistors and Interconnects for Future LSI's

17:00 Invited

Nae-Eung Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ)
Ultrasensitive Physical and Biological Sensing Using Graphene Channel Field-Effect Transistors

17:30 Break

17:40 Session C Surface Treatment with High Pressure Plasma

Chairperson: T. Ishijima (Kanazawa Univ), O. Sakai (Kyoto Univ)

17:40 C-1

M. Noma (Shinko Seiki)
Improved Hardness and Electrical Property of c-BN Thin Films by Magnetically Enhanced Plasma Ion Plating Technique

18:00 C-2

T. Okumura (Panasonic)
Recovery of Plasma-Induced Si Substrate Damage Using Atmospheric Thermal Plasma

18:20 C-3

S. Hayashi (Hiroshima Univ)
Grain Growth Control during Leading Wave Crystallization Induced by Micro-Thermal-Plasma-Jet Irradiation to Amorphous Silicon Films

18:50 Banquet

August 30

7:30 Registration

8:30 Plenary 2 (AEPSE)

Chairperson: T. Tatsumi (Sony Corp.)

K. Ono (Kyoto Univ)
Plasma Etch Challenges for Nanoscale Device Fabrication: Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Plasma-Surface Interactions

9:20 Break

9:30 Session D <Arranged> Plasma Process for Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Devices

Chairperson: K. Nojiri (Lam Research Corp.), T. Okumura (Panasonic Corp.)

9:30 Invited D-1

R. Martin (IBM)
Plasma Etch Challenges for Sub-14nm Devices and Advanced Memory Technologies

10:10 D-2

K. Kinoshita (Tohoku Univ)
Plasma Process Induced Physical Damages on Multilayered Magnetic Films for Magnetic Domain Wall Motion

10:30 D-3

R. Hinoura (Hyogo Univ)
In-situ XPS Study of GCIB Etching for Materials Used in STT-MRAM

10:50 D-4

S. Tahara, E. Nishimura (Tokyo Electron)
Etching of Co-Pd with Significantly Reduced Sidewall Re-deposition

11:10 Break

11:20 Poster Session (90 min)

Chairperson: H. Hayashi (Toshiba Corp.), M. Fukasawa (Sony Corp.)

12:50 Lunch

13:50 Session E Plasma Process for 3D Device, FPD, Photovoltaic Devices

Chairperson: T. Shirafuji (Osaka City Univ), S. Higashi (Hiroshima Univ)

13:50 Invited E-1

H. Kim (Yonsei Univ.)
The Characteristics of Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition and Applications to Nanoscale Device Fabrication

14:30 E-2

Y. Setsuhara (Osaka Univ)
ICP-Enhanced Reactive Sputter Deposition Processes for Low-Temperature Formation of IGZO TFT

14:50 E-3

Y. Ding (Tokyo Inst. of Tech)
Performance Enhancement of Hybrid Si-nanocrystal/P3HT Solar Cells through Hydrofluoric Acid Vapor Treatment

15:10 Break

15:20 Session F <Arranged> Advanced Process Technology for Patterning beyond 20 nm Era

Chairperson: H. Ohtake (Tokyo Electron Ltd.), H. Kokura (Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd.)

15:20 Invited F-1

E. Kunnen (IMEC)
Dry Etch Challenges in EUV-based SRAM Patterning beyond 20 nm

16:00 F-2

H. Yamamoto (Toshiba)
Selective Etch of Poly(methyl methacrylate) in Block Copolymer Employing Dual Frequency Superimposed CCP for DSA Lithography

16:20 F-3

N. Kofuji (Hitachi)
Effect of Line-Edge-Roughness on Wiggling

16:40 Break

16:50 Session G Plasma-induced Damage

Chairperson: H. Hayashi (Toshiba Corp.), K. Kinoshita (Tohoku Univ)

16:50 G-1

K. Eriguchi (Kyoto Univ)
Scenario of Plasma-induced Physical Damage in FinFET – The Effects of "Straggling" of Incident Ions by a Range Theory –

17:10 G-2

M. Fukasawa (Sony Corp.)
Comprehensive Evidence-based Guidelines for Annealing Plasma-damaged Si Substrates – Impact of Plasma Process Conditions –

17:30 G-3

M. Kamei (Kyoto Univ)
Impacts of Plasma-induced Charging Damage on Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) Behaviors in MOSFETs with SiO2 and High-k Gate Dielectrics

17:50 G-4

C. H. Chou (TSMC)
The Effect of UV and High Energy VUV Photon Irradiation on CMOS Image Sensor

18:10 Closing

H. Hayashi (DPS2014 Program Committee Chair)
Closing Remarks