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Invited speakers and tentative titles

  • Dr. Yasuaki Ishikawa (NAIST)
    "ALD's oxidant effect on characteristics as an oxide dielectric"
  • Dr. Paul Poodt (TNO/Holst Centre)
    "Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition for large-area and flexible electronics"
  • Dr. Shahid Rauf (Applied Materials Inc.)
    "Atomic precision etch for semiconductor manufacturing"
  • Dr. Geun Young Yeom (Sungkyunkwan University)
    "Application of atomic layer etching for Si-based devices"
  • Dr. Hironobu Sato (EIDEC)
    "Sub-10nm directed self-assembly lithography using high chi block copolymers"
  • Dr. Laxminarayan Raja (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
    "Computational simulations of streamer discharges for reactive plasma applications at atmospheric pressures"
  • Dr. Rui Zhang (Univ. of Tokyo)
    "MOS interface passivation of Ge MOSFETs by plasma post oxidation"
  • Dr. Meng-Jiy Wang (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
    "Plasma surface modifications for modulating drug release and cell proliferation"
  • Dr. Itaru Yanagi (Hitachi Ltd.)
    "A novel method for fabricating nanopores with diameters of sub-1 nm to 3 nm"
  • Dr. Keiji Nakayama (Institute of Mesotechnology)
    "Atmospheric pressure plasma generated in a gap of dry and oil lubricated sliding contacts"