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Poster Session (Friday, Nov. 28)

At least one of the authors must stay in front of the poster during the assigned Core-Time:

(1) 11:10-12:00   Odd number

(2) 12:00-12:50   Even number

Etching Technology

†P-11   Y. Kamaji

Study of process drift mechanism by metal by-product in Front End of Line (FEOL) process

‡P-12   T. Ishida

Improving Electric Characteristics of Pr1-xCaxMnO3 for ReRAM Devices in H2 Plasmas

†P-13   K. C. Yang

Magnetic Tunneling Junction Etched by Pulse Biasing at Low Frequency in Inductively Coupled Plasmas

‡P-14   T. Hayashi

Electronic Properties of HBr, O2 and Cl2 Used in Si Etching

†P-15   A. Matsutani

Microfabrication of 4H-SiC by Reactive Ion Etching Using XeF2 Plasma

Surface Reaction and Damage

†P-21   D. Ogawa

Effect of Liquid Nitrogen Cooling on GaN Film Exposed in Low Pressure Plasma

‡P-22   R. Kawakami

Morphological and Compositional Changes in AlGaN Surfaces Etched by RF Capacitively Coupled Carbon Tetrafluoride and Argon Plasmas

†P-23   S. Kaneko

Ion-induced Deformation of the Crystal Structure of Yttria-stabilized Zirconia and its Thermal Recovery

‡P-24   P. Nimnuan

Preparation and Performance of Nickel Oxide Thin Film Thermistor by Electrostatic Spray Deposition Technique

†P-25   M. Niibe

Etching Damage Analysis of n-GaN crystals etched with N2-plasma Using Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

‡P-26   S. Tajima

Anisotropic Chemical Dry Silicon Wafer Etching Using F2 + NO → F + FNO Reaction

Plasma Monitoring and Simulation

†P-31   Y. Kasashima

High-speed Load Impedance Monitoring System for Detection of Micro-arc Discharge

‡P-32   H. Matsuura

Size Optimization of Pt Catalytic Probe for Atmospheric Pressure Discharge Plasma

†P-33   Y. Matsuda

Gas Temperature Measurements in Inductively Coupled Plasma-assisted DC Magnetron Discharge by Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

‡P-34   L. Z. Tong

Effects of Gas Composition, Focus Ring and Blocking Capacitor on Capacitively Coupled RF Ar/H2 Plasmas

†P-35   W. J. Brigg

Photoionization Cross Sections Using Quantemol-N

‡P-36   Y. Ohtsu

Spatial Profile of High-density Magnetized Capacitive Coupled Plasma with Ring-shaped Hollow Cathode

†P-37   S. Kogoshi

High Density and Low Electron Temperature Plasma Sustainment in Microwave Plasma Source with Slot Antennas


†P-41   M. Shimabayashi

Efficiencies of Reactive Nitrogen Species on Nitriding of SiC Surface by Irradiation of Remote Nitrogen Plasma

‡P-42   N. Nafarizal

Sticking Probability of Sulfur Atoms in Magnetron Sputtering CuZnSnS Plasma

†P-43   H. Ito

Production of CH(A2Δ) Radicals from the Dissociative Excitation Reaction of C2H2 with Microwave Discharge Flow of Ar

‡P-44   K. Takizawa

Effects of PBIID/PLD Combination Processes on Reducing Particles in DLC Films

†P-45   T. Kitajima

Surface Chemistry Control of Graphene for Hafnia ALD with Plasma Induced Radical Exposure

‡P-46   M. Tomatsu

Fabrication of Graphene-based Films Using Afterglow of Inductively Coupled Plasma

†P-47   H. Kinoshita

Field Electron-emission from Hydrogenated Amorphous CNx Films Formed on Al Films Using Supermagnetron Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition

‡P-48   V. Mascariñas

Deposition of silver nanoparticles via Plasma Sputter-Type Negative Ion Source

Plasma Processes for New Applications

†P-51   D. Ogawa

Polymer Composites with Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Treated by Dielectric Barrier Discharge

‡P-52   K. Maruyama

Precise Control of Cooling Rate and Efficient Activation of Phosphorus Atoms in 4H-SiC wafer

†P-53   N. Hayashi

Gene Ontology Analysis of Plant Seeds Irradiated by Active Oxygen Species Generated in Oxygen Plasma

‡P-54   R. Ono

Optimization of Antioxidative Activity and Clarification of Growth Enhancement Effect of Plants Induced by Low-pressure RF Oxygen Plasma

†P-55   K. Matsui

Investigation on Mechanism of Sterilizing Microorganism Spores with Plasma-excited Neutral Gas

‡P-56   H. Yamada

Characteristic Measurements of a Minimally Invasive Plasma in a Gas Component Controlled Chamber

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

†P-61   L. M. D. Rosario

Fast Low-energy Plasma Processing of a Tropical Hardwood for Enhanced Surface Properties

‡P-62   R. Tumlos

Microwave Atmospheric Plasma Devices for Enhancing Hydrophilicity of Surfaces

†P-63   A. E. J. C. Tinacba

A Study on the Correlation of Paint Adhesion to Surface Wetting and Roughness of Stainless Steel 304 Modified Using Microwave Atmospheric Plasma Jet

‡P-64   K. Yambe

Influence of Air Involution for Plasma Plume Length in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma