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Nishizawa Award Lecture

  • Prof. David Barry Graves (University of California, Berkeley)
    "lasma-surface interactions: challenges that span applications"
  • Prof. Toshiaki Makabe (Keio University)
    "Historical developments of the velocity distribution of electrons in time-varying low-temperature plasmas"

Keynote speaker and title 

  • Dan Mocuta (imec)
    "Is there still plenty of room at the bottom? A perspective on technology scaling"

Invited speakers and titles 

A1. Surface reactions for atomic layer controlled processes (ALE/ALD)

  • Simon Elliott (University College Cork)
    "Insights into self-limiting surface reactions from atomic-scale simulations"
  • Dennis Hausmann (Lam Research Corp.)
    "Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Dielectrics: Precursors, Processes, and Plasmas"

A2. Etching technologies for latest devices having high-aspect-ratio of 50 or more (HAR)

  • Yoon-Jae Kim (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)
    "The Historical Trend of HARC Etch Technology and New Challenges"
  • Mark J. Kushner (University of Michigan)
    "High and Moderate Aspect Ratio Etching: Insights from Modeling"
  • Aaron Wilson (Micron Technology, Inc.)
    "Dry Etch Scaling Challenges for High Aspect Ratio 3D NAND and DRAM Memory Technologies"