DPS2024 45th International Symposium on Dry Process


Keynote / Invited Speakers

Nishizawa Award Lectures

  • Steven M. George (University of Colorado)
    "New Mechanisms for Metal Thermal Atomic Layer Etching"
  • Tetsuya Tatsumi (Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation)
    "Quantitative control of plasma and surface reaction in dielectric film etching"

Keynote speaker

  • Atsuyoshi Koike (Rapidus Corporation)
    "Rapidus’s Challenge Towards Mass Production of 2nm Logic Semiconductors - Aiming for a Greener Manufacturing Process -"

Invited speakers and tentative titles

AS1. Understanding the mechanisms for future high-aspect-ratio etching technology
  • Julian Schulze (Ruhr University Bochum)
    "Knowledge based plasma control concepts for etching"
  • Kukhan Yoon (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)
    "The challenges and solutions for fine pitch high aspect ratio patterning in sub-10nm DRAM"
AS2. Atomic layer processes (ALE/ALD/ASD) for ultimate control of surface reaction
  • Christophe Vallee (University at Albany)
    "Engineering plasma for atomic scale processing: ALD, ALE and ASD"
AS3. Breakthrough process technology for advanced logic device fabrication
  • Ilgyo Koo (imec)
    "The next generation of Complementary FET (CFET) etch challenges and progress"