DPS 2019 41st International Symposium on Dry Process


Invited Speakers

Nishizawa Award Lecture and tentative titles

  • Vincent M. Donnelly (University of Houston)
    "Plasma Etching of Silicon: 45 Years and Still surprises"
  • Kazuo Nojiri (Nanotech Research)
    "A look back on 45 years of my research in semiconductor industry - Message to young researchers"
  • Gottlieb S. Oehrlein (University of Maryland)
    "Low Temperature Plasma-Materials Interactions and Plasma Etching"

Invited speakers and tentative titles

A1. Novel Atomic Layer Etching and Atomic Layer Deposition approaches for advanced plasma process applications
  • Gregory N. Parsons (North Carolina State University)
    "Atomic Scale Processing: Coupled Atomic Layer Deposition/Atomic Layer Etching Super-Cycles for Area-Selective Deposition"
A2. Advanced hardware and process development for overcoming High Aspect Ratio etching (AR>100)
  • Takehito Koshizawa (Applied Materials Inc.)
    "Carbon Hard Mask Challenges for CVD and RIE"
  • Hyoungcheol Kwon (SK hynix Inc.)
    "3D Feature Profile Simulation : HARC Etch Limits and their Solutions"
A3. How AI and Deep Learning are transforming the plasma process?
  • Toshiya Okazaki (Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.)
    "Prediction of the Number of Defects in Image Sensors by VM using Equipment QC Data"
Plasma Etching
  • Jeffrey Shearer (IBM Corp.)
    "Plasma Etching in the EUV Era"
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