DPS2022 43rd International Symposium on Dry Process


Keynote / Invited Speakers

Nishizawa Award Lectures

  • Geun Young Yeom (Sungkyunkwan University)

Invited speakers and tentative titles

AS1. Challenges to limits for high aspect ratio etching
  • Zoltan Donko (Wigner Research Center for Physics)
    "Charged particle dynamics in capacitively coupled radiofrequency discharges driven by complex waveforms"
  • Meihua Shen (Lam Research Corporation)
    "Challenges and Opportunities in High Aspect Ratio Patterning for Memory Devices"
AS2. Novel control of surface reaction in atomic layer processes (ALE / ALD / Area selective ALD)
  • Stacey F. Bent (Stanford University)
    "Area Selective Atomic Layer Deposition for Advanced Device Processing"
  • Shyam Sridhar (Tokyo Electron America)
    "Breakthrough technologies for opening process windows for sub-nanoscale precision etch"
AS3. 3D-IC packaging for energy-saving and high-density interconnection
  • Sitaram Arkalgud (TEL Technology Center America)
    "Hybrid Bonding: Advanced Packaging for Today and the Future"
  • Clinton Goh (Applied Materials, Inc.)
    "Plasma Processing for Next Generation Packaging System Scaling"

Keynote speakers

  • Mukta G. Farooq (IBM Research)
  • Seung Wook Yoon (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)