DPS2023 44th International Symposium on Dry Process


Keynote / Invited Speakers

Nishizawa Award Lectures

  • Jean-Paul Booth (CNRS/Ecole Polytechnique)
    "Improving our understanding of plasma-surface interactions through in-situ measurements"
  • Nobuo Fujiwara (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
    "DPS as a forum to share emerging challenges"

Invited speakers and titles

AS1. Challenges to overcome the limits for high aspect ratio etching
  • Mark J. Kushner (University of Michigan)
    "Engineering Reactor and Feature Scale Processes for High Aspect Ratio Plasma Etching"
  • Jaeho Min (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)
    "Key Parameters of Realizing High Aspect Ratio Contact Etch in VNAND Channel Hole"
AS2. Atomic layer processes (ALE/ALD/ASD) toward 2nm and beyond
  • Satoshi Hamaguchi (Osaka University)
    "Plasma-surface interactions for atomic layer processes"
AS3. How AI and Machine Learning are transforming dry process technologies
  • Richard A. Gottscho (Lam Research Corp.)
    "Attacking the Little Data Problem in Research and Development"
  • Jun Haeng Lee (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)
    "AI-Driven Plasma Dry Etch Recipe Optimization: Challenges, Approaches, and Practical Insights"
Advanced Packaging
  • Yasumitsu Orii (Rapidus Corporation)
    "Challenges and Opportunities of Semiconductor Packaging in the Chiplet Era"