DPS2023 44th International Symposium on Dry Process


Theme/Topics/Arranged session


  • Dry processes and related technologies from fundamentals to applications


  1. Etching Technologies
  2. Manufacturing Technologies (AEC, APC, EES, FDC)
  3. Surface Reaction and Damage
  4. Plasma Diagnostics and Monitoring Systems
  5. Computational Approaches (Modeling, Simulation, Machine Learning, AI, Informatics, DX) for Dry Process
  6. Plasma Generation (Equipment/Source)
  7. Deposition Technologies (CVD / PVD)
  8. Atomic Layer Processes (ALD/ALE)
  9. Dry process for Green Transformation:GX (Energy saving technology, Alternative gas, 3D-IC/Packaging)
  10. Plasma Processes for New Material Devices (MRAM, Power, Organic, III-V, 2D)
  11. Plasma Processes for Biological and Medical application, MEMS
  12. Atmospheric Pressure Plasma and Liquid Plasma
  13. New Dry Process Concepts

Arranged session

  1. Challenges to overcome the limits for high aspect ratio etching
  2. Atomic layer processes (ALE/ALD/ASD) toward 2nm and beyond
  3. How AI and Machine Learning are transforming dry process technologies